Want more clients?

The social media secrets in getting more clients

Want to utilise the holy grail of marketing that is social media? Then carry on reading and let us tell you our top 5 tips to getting more clients through social media. Social media is a place of opportunity, a big wide online world full of places for businesses to...

Got a question about business networking?

Debbie Gilbert

Business Networking Expert

Debbie Gilbert started her business in 1998 and is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and owner of Viva Business Support,an events and marketing agency. Her portfolio of businesses includes The 3 Counties Expo, The Best Business Women Awards and Mums UnLtd Business Networking and Viva Business Networking.

She is also the author of best selling book The Successful Mumpreneur.

An organiser of networking events for over 12 years, Debbie coaches people on networking skills, runs workshops and wants to ensure business owners are the best networkers they can be.

Got a question about press and copywriting?

Marina Gask

Press & Copywriting Expert

Marina Gask has been a self-employed for 12 years as a journalist, blogger, press consultant and copywriter. A BSME award-winning editor of teen mag Sugar, she also edited More! and Top Sante and held senior positions at Glamour, SHE and Cosmopolitan. Her free-lance journalism portfolio includes writing for glossies, broadsheets and digital platforms, visiting journalism tutor at Goldsmiths University and writing three books for teenagers, published by Piccadilly Press. Marina also helps businesses with web content, blogs, press strategy and business books. Last year Marina co-launched Audrey Online, a digital platform for Generation Restart, midlife women who want or need to self reinvent and give their lives a reboot.


How to reconnect with lost clients

To gain new clients sometimes the best way is to reconnect with old or lost clients. Repeat customers is an important factor to any business. A lost customer means lost revenue; this is something you want to avoid. In this blog we will list the good ways to reconnect...

How to gain new clients through marketing

Gaining new clients is hot on most recruiter’s mind and we want to share some of our tips to getting some new clients aboard your business. Marketing is such an important part of every business and ensuring your marketing is going in the correct direction to gain full...

Want to know more about networking?

Networking can be a totally new concept to many new business owners, many of whom have never attended a networking meeting before (or perhaps haven't even heard of networking before!) Even if you have never attended a networking meeting before, don't be put off by the...

Boost your networking in 12 steps

1.Review your networking What have you been doing for the past 12 months? Check how effective it has been. Cost it out including your petrol, your time, and event fee and work out how much business you have had. Arrange 2 one to one appointments per month. Once you...

A Beginner’s Guide to Networking

What is business networking? Networking forms part of your marketing and it’s important to have a strategy. Building a network of business contacts takes time. Networking is cheaper than advertising and done correctly is far more effective and productive in gaining...


The use of social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), blogs, forums, etc are now becoming our way of life. This makes social media marketing a go-to area for every business that aspires to reach out to a more targeted range of customers. Social...


The dream for many is a double page spread in a national magazine or newspaper, all about you or your products or services. A glossy photo shoot that shows you from your best side, with your website address and logo emblazoned all over it, with a shareable digital...

Exhibiting or visiting: our Business Expo top tips

We have been attending and organising expos for many years and here are our top tips for exhibiting and visiting: Exhibiting vs Visiting When you exhibit this can put you straight in front of your ideal client but if you don’t prepare properly it can be ineffective....

Buying in words – finding a (good) copywriter

You are here because you are looking to outsource or you provide outsourced services. There really is a freelancer for every job, someone you can buy in to fulfil a specific business need as and when you need it. I’m here to talk about buying in copywriting expertise....

The #1 simple yet powerful tool to get more local business

Google reports that 80% of online searches contain a local element. In other words, 8 out of 10 people are searching online for a local business. I.e. they will include their specific locality or the words “near me” in the search bar. To make this type of search a...

Networking: the key to making a difference in your business

Whether you’ve recently set up a new business or you’re looking to make new contacts for your existing business, networking really is key. When I became self employed and set up my first business in 2009, I didn’t realise networking would be ‘the difference that made...

Joined our Directory yet?

We have recently set up this new website "The Outsourcing Way". It is a platform created to connect businesses and customers, as well as to provide outsourcing information and advice. Our business directory allows service providers to be discovered easily by...

How do you rate

So, your business doesn’t rate highly. This may be because you haven’t been up and running for very long, or perhaps you’ve just had a few tricky clients. Your rating determines your present business success, but it doesn’t determine your future! There are a couple of simple steps you can take to transform from a 1-star to a 5-star business.

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