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Planning for your holiday

When it comes to the summer holidays, there are several things that cross our minds and it will really depend on whether you have kids or not as to how you are feeling about the next 3 months! First things first – deciding when to go on holiday If you don’t have...

When do people think outsourcing is a good idea?

Outsourcing isn’t a new concept – people have been paying other people to do things for them for hundreds of years – sometimes we don’t even realise we are outsourcing – we don’t give it that label; it may feel too business-like or middle-class to acknowledge it in...

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Jennie Bayliss

Office Support Expert

Hello, I’m Jennie Bayliss and I am a specialist in transformation, innovation, administration and outsourcing, I have 20 years’ experience across different industries and sectors improving the systems and processes that allow people to recognise what they’re good at, operate effectively and delegate where necessary. Outsourcing and teamwork are two of my passions and I believe by appreciating the benefits of outsourcing, as well as the value of people who want to be part of your team, you will always reach full potential. Goals can’t be achieved without the support of others, and teams come in all shapes and sizes.


Never go on holiday without doing these 5 things first!

You are hours away from setting off to the airport for your dream holiday. You're counting down the minutes until you step off of the air-conditioned plane and are hit by a wall of hot, humid air. You are frantically checking and re-checking your packing list,...

Q&A with Resident Expert Jennie Bayliss

Since Jennie has joined The Outsourcing Way, there have been some frequently asked office support questions on our forum. To try and help as many of you as possible, we have put 10 of your questions, plus Jennies' answers together below: What is a virtual assistant? A...

So, how many hours do you have in your day?

You are self-employed, but you DEFINITELY have everything under control! This means that you only have to work 9-5 Monday to Friday. That’s a whole 40 hours a week to get through your to-do list… totally enough time, right?   This week’s task list… Write a blog...

The art of delegation

There is no doubt about it, delegation will make your life easier. It will make your business more time efficient. It will make your business look fantastic to your clients. It will save you money. Yet so many business owners still cling onto tasks as if their lives...

If your inbox is bigger than your screen then you need to read this

Are you guilty of committing email sin?? Do you have more than a screen full of emails in your inbox? Do you even possibly have emails in your inbox unread?? And, maybe, some emails from 1, 2, 3…… or more years ago???? If this is you then you either need to take an...

Time for money – the big trade off

I don’t know about you, but I am getting to a point in my life where I no longer want to be working in this way! I no longer want to have to record my hours worked against an hourly rate in order to reach a minimum income level. I feel trapped………..restricted...

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