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When CBA hits you then outsource your Motivation & let an impartial, non-judgemental and highly skilled sounding board keep you focused, driven, enthused and on track.
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Are you ready to make changes and improve your results but keep sabotaging your own success?

Everyone wants change but doing it alone is difficult as we are often our own worst enemy.

My coaching is not just about change, it about successful, sustained change and improved results.

The sorts of people who engage my services are:

– People who are successful in their own way but know they can do more.

– People who know what they want but also want a level of accountability to hold them to their own success.

– People who feel they are lacking in what they are achieving People with self-imposed limitations

– People who have a sense of overwhelm

– People who feel a level of inertia

– People who have confusion on their way forward

– People who believe they lack clarity on what’s important to them and their life.

To name just a few.

Having someone to challenge you rather than comfort you or stroke your ego is one sure way of making those changes.

Coaching is not an emergency service, it as a continuous, integral part of life to help shape & develop business & personal as time goes on.

As your coach, I will be firmly part of those things, not just there when you have problems or specific issues.

My passion is 1-1 and small group coaching with those who see the value in coaching & are willing to work with a coach who will challenge them.

In an age of apps & social media platforms, of YouTube clips and downloads the need for human connection & for someone to hold you accountable to your actions, to support you, encourage you, listen to you, hear you and help you to get out of your own way is essential.

As your coach I am that non-judge-mental, impartial, highly skilled sounding board that works with you to help you gain the clarity you need, to take the actions that move you forward & to succeed in areas you were once fearful of going.

Please get in touch & explore how we can best work together, for you, or for your staff or for both.

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