It can be argued that there can never be too much work. After all, more work equates to more money, right?

However, what happens when you have a to-do list longer than your arm, impatient clients and a back log of your own business admin? Do you struggle on with having too much work until you get a complaint from a client because you couldn’t meet an important deadline? Or do you wait until you burn out?

Perhaps you’re unsure as to where you and your business sit on the workload scale… Take a look at the options below to help you to figure out where your business truly sits.

Too little work

This is not good… definitely not good. Having too little work can make you feel inadequate, unaccomplished and as if you are on the wrong path.

How do you know that you have too little work?

When your income is less than your outgoings.

What to do to change this

Three things we recommend you try to increase the number of clients you have are:

  1. Attend networking meetings. For networking advice, check out our resident expert Debbie Gilbert’s page.
  2. Tighten up your social media marketing.
  3. Become an Outsourcing Way Member and get your business on our directory.
Too much work

So your business is very popular…

This is great, unless you find yourself constantly feeling overwhelmed, tired and stressed! How often do you feel overwhelmed? Let us know by taking our poll.

How do you know that you have too much work?

When every waking hour is a working hour.

What to do to change this
  1. Decrease the number of clients you have. This will have the immediate effect of a lessened workload, however client reduction can have a detrimental impact on your business. It will leave you with a lower income and could even possibly damage your reputation.
  2. Outsource some of the work to a well-reviewed and experienced professional. Outsourcing not only takes the pressure off of your shoulders, it allows you to forget about the time-consuming tasks you would rather not be doing, and instead focus one your core roles. Read more about how to easily outsource your life.
The perfect balance

This is the business owners dream. If you have worked hard to get your business to a place where it earns a respectable profit, whilst you get to keep a good work-life balance, 6-8 hours sleep and your sanity- congratulations!


What would you advise another business to do to achieve “the perfect balance”? Let us know in the comments!