As Bonfire Night is just around the corner, what could you do as a business to promote yourself there to get your brand name more known.

Using events to promote your business is a great idea as it can reach a huge audience at one time. You can also use specific events which are more relevant to your business to reach an even better specified target audience. For examples if you own or work for a swimming brand, advertising or sponsoring a swimming event would work together well.

Sponsor flyers

Put your brand logo on the event flyers. This will help you to recognition before the event has even started, therefore people who don’t even attend will still see your logo. Having your website or social media on there is also a good idea.

Promotion at the event

The event will have some boards which you could put your logo and what your business offers on them. Another great idea would be to have your own stall and offer refreshments. Even having your own BBQ or have a place where people can sit down is a great idea to pull people in.

Specific businesses

If your business is a catering business, bring your truck along and serve people food. Theme the food around bonfire night and give people a flyer with each purchase.

Hold an event

Your business could even hold a bonfire night event and invite all of the local people and businesses to it to come. This way you could have as much advertisement as you liked.

Have you ever promoted your business through an event before? We’d love to know, let us know through our poll here.

Enjoy your Bonfire Night celebrations and remember to be safe and responsible!