The end of 2019 is fast approaching; we will have known that when it gets closer to Christmas and the New year people begin to celebrate and the fun begins. But we all want our employees to stay motivated within this time to complete the last tasks of 2019 to a high standard before the celebrations begin.

So, how what can you do to keep your employees motivated?

1. Add some fun to the office

Around Christmas time it might be a nice idea to get your employees to decorate the office. This will add a little bit of fun to the atmosphere and give them some bonding time as a team. Find some Christmas office decorations here.

2. Positive feedback

Give your employees a positive review for all their work they’ve done already in 2019. Make them feel part of the team and that you are more than grateful for their hard work.

3. Rewards

Place rewards over the next 2 months to motivate them to get things done by certain dates. When they get things done plan things for them to do within the festive theme. Buy an advent calendar for the office.

4. A Christmas Party

Plan your employees a Christmas party and allow them to have input on what they do, where it is and what it involves.

5. Be flexible

Allow your employees some time off around the Christmas period so they can recharge ready for the new year.

6. Ask them

Make sure you that before you employees leave for the Christmas period that you ask them what they want from the business in 2020. Allow them to give feedback and give their opinions, this won’t only help you, but it will help them to feel involved in decision making for the company.

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