Halloween is just around the corner, so we thought we’d give you some tips and tricks to planning a great Halloween party for all of your family and friends.


Of course, the theme is Halloween but are you going to make your party a little scarier or are you going to go with a film theme or famous characters like the Adams Family.


Where is your party going to be? Make sure you get your venue sorted in advance.


Send out your invitations and make sure they have all of your information on. Check out Vista Print, you can design your invitations here if you’re looking to make them a little more personalised and special. Make sure you don’t forget any important information; date, time, location, dress code & RSVP.

Your costume

This is your party so make sure your costume is amazing. Order Halloween costumes online from Fancydress.com, have a browse on there and we know you’ll stand out from the crowd.


You want your decorations to fit with your theme. We love pumpkin lights, big window spider webs and the good old beware and keep out signs. Check out Party Delights for all of these and more!

Food and drinks

Think about whether you are going to have some refreshments at your party. If you are going to go all out and be creative, then take a look at some Halloween recipes here. If not, your local supermarkets will be sure to stock some scary treats.

Happy Halloween to you all! Enjoy your celebrations and don’t forget to be extra scary.

If you would like someone to plan your party for you then reach out to our Office Support Expert here and check out our Events and Entertainment section on our Business Directory.

Do you enjoy planning parties? Let us know here on our poll.