There may become a point when your workload is overflowing, and you do not have the time to make your social media the best it can be. This is a time to sit back and think about hiring someone who specialises in social media management to begin to work on your social media to enhance the consumer experience. It does not take a genius to now know that social media is a way of life, so do not let this part of your marketing slack because of your time and focus is elsewhere.

So, how do you actually manage someone else social media accounts?

1. Find out their schedule

You need to have a good understanding of what they are already posting. What time they post, what sort of content and what information they have to give you for content for posting. Then you can go and create and customise their future posts to enhance them.

2. Know their audience

Firstly, you need to know exactly who their audience is. You do not want to be creating content which isn’t going to target their exact audience. This will help you to use the correct social platforms.

3. What are their hashtags?

What hashtags do they already use, and which ones could you add on to reach a wider audience.

4. Scheduling platform

Using a scheduling platform such as Buffer and Hootsuite will allow you to put all the posts on in one place. The platforms are free but if you are looking to schedule more posts for a longer length of time investing in a paid per month package may be beneficial to you.

5. Engagement

Engaging with people on the platforms, posts, comments and private messages is so important and a crucial part of managing someone else’s platforms.

Outsourcing the management of yours or your client’s social media accounts may be something you are looking into. Contact our Office Support Expert, Jennie Bayliss, for more information.

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