Want to utilise the holy grail of marketing that is social media? Then carry on reading and let us tell you our top 5 tips to getting more clients through social media.

Social media is a place of opportunity, a big wide online world full of places for businesses to advertise and push themselves. With over 3 billion people now using these platforms it’s time to utilise in the best way possible for you.

1. Figure out your Target Audience

Figure out who you are target audience are, then you can work out which social media platforms they used most. For example; don’t waste your time on LinkedIn if your target audience is Gen Z as this would be pointless and wouldn’t get your message to the correct audience.

2. Post frequently

Ensure that you are posting enough to stay relevant. You want to be providing your followers with enough content to keep them engaged. But do not post things which are pointless to your audience. Find articles, books etc. which your audience will be interested in.

3. Timing

Posting on social media at the right time is crucial to your post being viewed. People need to be active and ready to interact with your posts. Also there is a range of different times which businesses will post, so for example there may be a business hour in your local area where everyone at 7pm who owns a small local business posts on Twitter. This is a good thing to research.

4. Hashtags

Using a range of hashtags on your post will help to reach a wider audience. Use hashtags relevant to your business and also use them to create conversation. Simple examples are; #mondaymotivation and #sundayfunday. It will help to get your post seen by people who follow these hashtags.

It is important to remember that hashtags are huge on Instagram, so make sure you’re using them on there!

5. Get analytical

Google Analytics is a great way for you to be able to find out which platforms and posts are driving the most amount of people to your website. If you have a Facebook and Twitter business page you can also use the insight tools on here.

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