Many different banks and online platforms have began to come up with ways to help people save money. Today we are looking at Plum.

What is plum?

Plum is a saving money platform. It works through a chart bot similar to the Facebook chat app. Plum is the equivalent to having your personal finance assistant but you’re able to talk to it over a chat on your phone or laptop.

How does it work?

You give Plum access to your bank account. This is a read-only view and is completely safe. Plum does not save bank login details and they have limited information.

This plum software will scan your banking information where it finds patterns in users’ income and spending. This will then allow the application to suggest the more effective saving method. This amount will automatically be transferred into the plum account each week.


You can withdraw money by messaging the chat bot to say ‘Withdraw 10’
You can ask what you spending has been over the last week ‘What’s my spend’
To change the amount you are saving each week to a lower amount or higher amount simply ask for a higher or lower saving over the chat.


Plum can help you to stop paying too much for you bills. They will automatically find a cheaper option for you and let you know that via the chat.

You can invest in emerging markets such as Brazil or you can own a piece of a popular company like Google or Apple. They will help you work out the best option for you and make sure it will work for you with a correct level of risk.

With so many reviews of plum helping people spend money each month why not give it a go yourself? Check out the Plum website here. But before you begin any money saving you should always get advice from a professional. Speak to our Personal Finance Expert or take a look at the Money Saving Expert website.

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