To gain new clients sometimes the best way is to reconnect with old or lost clients. Repeat customers is an important factor to any business. A lost customer means lost revenue; this is something you want to avoid. In this blog we will list the good ways to reconnect with them lost clients once again.

1. Prioritise

Make sure that you are putting all of your efforts into reengaging with lost clients. Prioritise them through your marketing and social media for a week or so.

2. Find out the reason

If you want to reconnect with lost clientele and then retain them again you need to know exactly why they left. Have a conversation with them or send them a feedback survey/form to get an idea. Then when you are re selling your business to them you can’t touch on them points to make sure they’re covered.

3. Treat lost clients as clients

Try to not treat your lost clients actually as lost clients. Make sure you don’t call them lost clients , treat them as your normal clientele but better.

4. Provide a solution

Look at what your clients are up to on social media, especially LinkedIn. This is a great idea as if they’re posting saying they need someone to complete a task which your business can do you can comment or message them.

5. Host a customer event

If you would like to get all of your customers, past and present, in the same place then having a customer yearly event is a great idea. This will help you to connect with all your customers, reminding them of your services. You can use this to offer deals and special pricing.

There are many ways to gain clients whether they are past or completely new. If you are wanting to do some further reading why not check out our ‘Are you getting the most out of networking meetings?’ Blog here.

Have you ever reconnected with an old client? Let us know here.