With the latest iPhone being revealed on Tuesday there are now many different opinions to whether Apple is taking a risk, not taking a risk. With innovative and growing competitors like Samsung creating phones which fold in half, is apple creating this new phone enough to stay afloat?

So, what have they unveiled?

3 new phones have been launched under the iPhone 11 umbrella. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The main and most exciting feature of this new launch is the wide-angle camera.

Also, there was new Apple Watches and iPads revealed to the audience on stage and for the first time over a live stream on YouTube.

What’s different on these iPhones?

The most improved feature like mentioned before is the camera. These new phones have been focused around the love for photographing allowing users to take much higher-resolution photos.

If you are one of them people who want to be able to edit your photos and videos then this phone is for you. They have invested in great AI features which even allow you to add people back into the frame after they been missed out in the photo. Also, you can edit your photos to improve the lights.

The great feature of Face ID on the latest iPhones has also been improved, allowing users to now unlock their phone even with it lying flat on the table.

Anything else?

Apple’s launch of their Apple Pay and Apple Music has become so beneficial to its users that they have launched Apple Arcade, available on September 19th. These services are so important as they had so much more to the user experience. Apple Arcade will be $4.99 a month for a gaming service. This launch was completely unexpected but shows that Apple is being forced to keep up with competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Check out the new iPhone here.