Keeping a day to day diary is so important, especially for a busy business professional. It can keep you on top of your daily tasks, it’s a place to take note of things that happen through out your day and a little reminder place for important dates coming up.

Ensuring you have a clear diary can be difficult but here are some tips to help you get your diary into tip top shape!

Plan ahead

Make sure you are planning your diary in advance, when you are being told about certain dates write them in straight away. This means when it comes to it you will be able to know exactly what is already going on that day without having to pick your already over cluttered brain.

Be realistic

Do not book in too many things, too much work or too many meetings in on the same day. You need to be able to focus and get things done well. Quality over quantity.

Colour Code

Use a range of highlighters to colour code your diary. This will help you to know at a glance what is urgent and things that do not need to be prioritised.

Relax Days

Give yourself a break! You need to take care of yourself as well as your business. You are important too, don’t forget that when you’re cramming your diary with crazy amounts of work.

It sometimes is good to have a day dedicated to sorting out your diary every so often, it will reduce stress for you in the long run and help you to feel a lot more organised.

Haven’t brought a diary yet? Having a browse on Amazon. We recommend a day a page diary, it will give you more room.

Want someone to help you with your diary management? Check out our Resident Expert Page.