Ever wondered what it would be like to work in one of the best and hottest companies in the U.K. right now? Well, there are certainly people out there working for the likes of Gym Shark and LADbible who know how that feels.

Yesterday, LinkedIn revealed the top hottest 25 companies in 2019. These companies had to be 7 years old and under and have 50 employees plus. Also, they must be privately held with their headquarters in the U.K.

We will reveal the top 5 in this article.

Monzo Bank

Coming in at number 1 was the only and only Monzo Bank. The one you see all the adverts for on television where they basically act like your knight in shining armour to sort any bank issue you have right now. This bank particularly answers a lot of prayers to do with banking abroad.


This financial service firm has over 6 million customers just across Europe, with a whopping 18,000 accounts reported to be added every single day. This online business is rapidly growing and soon to be transitioning into a bank.

Gym Shark

Now, this is a well and truly trendy, up and coming brand. They have recently soared with their product sales mainly down to their amazing online presence. They use a lot of influencers online encouraging their engagement with consumers and their target audience to continue to grow.

Starling Bank

Another bank enters the top 5 with Starling bank being number 4. This is another great start-up which has grown massively over the last year. They are great with supporting finance and again a great bank to set up if you’re going abroad. They are currently hiring for many roles, so it is worth going to check that out.

Babylon Health

To finalise our top 5 a hospital and health care brand swoops in to gain this last place. This is a digital health care service which allows people to check their symptoms online with a chatbot, connect with professional doctors through video call and overall saves the customers a great deal of time.

We can see some great companies hitting that top 5 and we hope it has motivated you to follow in their footsteps. As don’t forget they were all new, start-up companies not long ago.

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