It is widely known that the retail industry contributes immensely to our Economy in the UK, and the world at large. Emphasising on how to achieve the best from this field is of great deal to every social media advertising company in London.

As at 2017, the retail industry was recorded to employ over three million of Us, with a market value of £366 billion. However, recent data claims that there are over 294,280 retail outlets within the UK, who were into the sales of items that are basically for home use, in addition to other uses.

Moreover, you wouldn’t need me to label this massive industry as a lucrative one, since it’s already a known fact, and running a retail business means that you have an edge to knowing more about the retail industry at large. This includes the daily challenges, and how to overcome each and every challenge as per the retail industry, despite the fact that we’re aware of how many retail giants are closing or opening their businesses, packing to new locations, extending their outreach by securing more branches, and going online etc.

If the above ups and downs could happen to giant retail businesses, we should also expect something similar to our mini or micro retail businesses, if not something much harder.

Thankfully, the social media had been there for us, thereby giving us more opportunities for reaching out to larger communities where we can pick up as many customers as possible, and leveraging the social media will give us as much opportunities as that of larger establishments.

With social media marketing, you’ll be able to grow your business from different angles, which includes; brand awareness, consumer loyalty, increase in sales and what have you.

This is why as a social media advertising company in London, we’ve decided to highlight some top social media strategies to promote your retail business online. Irrespective of the size of your retail business, this strategies could be of much help.

Let’s delve into the topic.

Promote Your Offers on Special Periods

Whether it’s the start of the year, few weeks to few months later, the middle of the year or its end, there are bunch of designated days that are special for quite a number of people or businesses, these periods include the Valentine’s Day, Black Fridays, New Year, other Public Holidays, and much more.

These are periods when businesses tend to earn massively through the special offers they give out to their customers.

Many other retail businesses make use of these periods to clear up their old stock.

Whenever you’re ready to start promoting your products to potential buyers, your business’s social media handle will be a great place to begin with.

You can customise your offers to attract more customers by selling at a discounted rate, or run your discounts on special products with high sales or profit potentials.

Take a photo of the products you’re about to promote, you can also make use of tools like Canva or Infogram to create some custom Infographics relative to your offers, and then spread the deals across the social media.

You may also consider giving out the products coupon codes online, that customers could use at your store, and you might just hit it big on your sales, in addition to promoting your brand as a whole.

Speak About Your New Products

A great way to market your products on the social media is through posting about your newly arrived products.

Most especially, if you’re finding it a bit difficult to come up with a social media post idea, then speaking about your newly arrived products could make your day.

May be you’re retailing some new versions of smartphones, kitchen wares or more, spread the news to your audiences, and since a picture is predicted to worth more than a thousand words, then it would be great if you could attach few of the product’s photos to your posts.

Your social media audiences are like acquaintances that you can gist a bit about your progresses, especially about the new products you’re having.

You can share details about the Designs, Coloration, Unboxing, Product Testing, Shipment stages, and Release dates, which are all prone to generate massive consumer interests towards your new products.

It is important for you to also keep in mind that your loyal customers might not at one time or the other, be available to check out your products physically, so it’ll be great if you could keep them up to date with the products you currently have in stock, in addition to the new products you’ve already been telling them about.

Redirect Your Followers to Your Site

The importance of you launching an Ecommerce store, for your retailing business can never be overemphasised, as a matter of fact.

If you’ve already had one, then you could be up to compete with tons of other Ecommerce giants, and directing your social media followers such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram followers to your Ecommerce store is a great way to secure more sales for the products you have.

Encourage your audiences to check out the products through your online store by sharing the links on your posts or sharing your blog posts to your social media pages.

If you’re yet to launch an online store, then you can still create a website or blog, in order to source for more customers and get them to know more about your store, contact addresses and its physical location(s).

If your website is not getting the desired outreach, you may consider spending few bucks to generate more publicity. This can be done by paying for advertisements through adverts publishing networks like the Google Ads, Facebook Sponsored Ads, Instagram Ads and many others.

You can as well decide to pay some local Micro-influencers or run sponsored posts on high traffic blogs.

The key is that your Ads needs to be well formed, and should target the right prospects for your store.

Final Thoughts

Jumping into conclusion, you’ve read about some top social media strategies for retail businesses from an experienced social media advertising company in London.

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