We continue to prepare for going back to school this week. There are a few things your children are going to need when they arrive on their first day and sometimes it can be easy to forget. You want to make sure you have these things all sorted and ready to go!

So, what do you need when you are going back to school?

1. Pencil Case

This is important to have all of your stationary belongings in. Without this you will find that they will lose things a lot easier as they will just be putting them down in classrooms and forgetting to pick them up or putting them in their blazer pocket and it falling out.

2. Inside the pencil case

A list of things to fill the inside of the case with; Pens (blue and black), pencils, rubber, sharpener, ruler (good to have a 30cm ruler), highlighter and colouring pencils. There are other things that you could buy which you may need like a calculator.

3. Notepad

A notepad will be a place which your child can scribble down notes from class or take down anything important. It can also be a place for them to draw in and use with their friends on their lunch break.

4. Diary

Having a dairy will help build organisation skills for your child whilst they’re at school. It will also hopefully make it easier for you if they are writing down important dates in it. For example, a sports day or a cooking lesson.

5. Reusable water bottle

A reusable water bottle is a staple for anyone bags and especially for your child’s during their school day. It will save you a lot of money in the long run as they won’t be buying new bottles of water every day. It will help them to stay hydrated.

Top tip: use the outbound links to create an Amazon order.

There are many other items which you may need for your child’s first day back, but these are just some of our staple recommendations which apply for everyone! We hope that your first week goes as smoothly as possible.

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