For some people the commute to work can be a huge chunk of time out of their day. Instead of this time being spent staring into space or even having a little sleep to pass the time, getting some work done can make this time a whole lot more productive.

Pre-planning something to do on your journey can help you so much more in the long run, here are some tips for some different types of journeys which we recommend that will add ease and productivity to your commute.

The train journey

This is a transport type which thousands of people take each morning. Having a small nap on the train in the morning or on the way home can be so tempting. But, using this time productively by using your resources wisely. Sometimes the train will be unbearably busy, and you may not get a table so using your phone can be an easy option to get work done.

Good things to do would be to draft emails to send when you get to the office as you may not always have good signal to send them. Using the apps on your phone, such as Hootsuite, to check over your planned social media for the day. Reply to comments and engage with people online.

The car journey

Driving to work and listening to a podcast is a great way to start off you day. There are so many podcasts out there to listen to which can educate you on certain subjects.

Another great tip is if you have a presentation coming up that day recording your voice saying all of your words and listening to it over in the car on your journey will help you practice hands free.

Working from home

As working from home will mean you miss the commute; this does not mean you miss that time to do nothing. Get up early, listen to a podcast whilst you get ready or get your emails checked before the day starts. This will make your day more productive.

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