We know it’s known as a Spring clean, but we think that sometimes a good old Summer clean is in order. When the sun in shinning and you’re feeling in a good mood it may time to tackle all that mess you have had building up over the summer weeks from being on holiday and being busy with your family.

Here are some tips to decluttering your office space…

1. Organisation

Begin by creating zones in your office. You need a bin pile which should have a black bin bag and recycling bag. Have a keep but not for the office pile, because we all know things end up in there which really don’t belong there, and they could be taking up vital space! And then have space for things you need to keep in the office but need organising into their home.

2. Do I really need this?

Sometimes it is hard to be brutal about what you are throwing away. But you do not want things to be cluttering up your space. A tidy space will lead to a tidy mind.

3. Shredding

Shred any paperwork and documents which need to be sorted. This can be a big task and sometimes one which has been put off for a while but once you have done this it will clear so much more space.

4. The desk

You need to make sure your desk is clear! This is where you sit every day, and you need to have this place as organised as possible.

5. The dreaded catch-all draw

This is the draw which is usually directly near or under your desk. This draw seems to catch every single thing you think you need to keep but also includes bits of rubbish, random pieces of food you haven’t eaten nor thought about eating and most definitely needs to be cleared out.

6. Clean

Once the space is organised a good clean is in order! Hoover, mop, wipe and spray your office to keep it as clean as possible.

If you keep up on these tips every month, your office will become a hell of a lot more organised than it once was! And it will definitely make it a nicer place to be and work.

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