Temperatures have soared this Summer already and we know how sticky it can get in an office during work hours. We have created our best tips to cooling down the space and making the working conditions more bearable for everybody.

Keep blinds/curtains drawn

Close all the blinds and curtains will decrease the heat getting in through the windows.

Turn off objects that generate heat

We know that in an office this can be quite difficult, but where possible turn off computers which aren’t in use and try and decrease the use of electronic devices. Change up the way you work for the hot days and have a bit of brain storming.

Dress down

For the hottest days, allowing the work staff to dress down can be a very helpful tool to keeping cool. You want workers to still be productive and not distracted.


Purchase some fans for the office and cool down the area, having personal fans at each desk could help if the office is on the bigger side.

Cut out hot drinks

Replacing the daily hot drinks with iced water and squash will help to keep you cool. Keeping hydrated through out the day is crucial and so important.

And… have some ice cream!

Sometimes a small treat within the office will help your employees to keep focused, whilst keeping cool.

Keep your office cool this Summer and keep your employees motivated! Let us know how you’ll be keeping cool at @TheOutsourceWay on Twitter. Come and chat with us! Or take a look at our polls this week.