Here at The Outsourcing Way, we spend a lot of time talking about your work life, i.e. your business and your clients. However, your free time is also important. After all, you can only achieve your best if you are well rested and have a fresh mind.

How flexible is your spare time?

Business people tend to fall into two categories: working the “9-5” or the WAWA (working anytime when awake).

If you follow strict working hours, it can be easier to leave your work at the office and truly relax from the moment you get home. For those who work from home or work flexibly getting free time is more of a challenge! It can leave you feeling like you should always be doing more work just to keep on top of things and to please clients.

Now is a great time to really think about what free time you have and how you use it.

Do you even realise you have free time, or does it just merge in with your work life? If this is the case then it is important to actively schedule in non-work activities, such as trips to the cinema or some retail therapy. This way you give yourself the chance to relax and re-motivate, increasing your productivity when you get back to work.

Sometimes we purposefully integrate our work time and free time. For those of us with clients who we are particularly close to, we often see them outside “chargeable hours”. It is great to build bonds with people who we have met through work. However, just make sure that talk doesn’t turn to business, and you actually end up doing work when you’re supposed to be relaxing!

Let us know in the comments what free time you get and how you spend it!

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