LinkedIn is a great professional social network. It can really leverage your business by communicating with other professional people. Whilst also, helping people looking for a job get into contact with potential employers, it essential is a place to showcase your digital CV.

This blog will help you use LinkedIn to market your business better with some tips and tricks of how to work the platform better to your advantage.

1. Posting frequently

Ensure that you are posting regularly on the platform, but you must make sure that these posts are completely relevant to your business. Posting every day will get your profile seen more by more people, you need to be active to get people’s attention.

2. Follow up messages

When connecting with someone which is of a high interest to you and your business, send them a message to say thank you for connecting. Having a message which you have ready and written out to send will save you time in the long run.

3. Put your employees on LinkedIn

Having your employees on LinkedIn will increase the chances of your business being found and lead back to. Your employees can then post about the business page too on their profiles.

4. Follow relative people

Following people and businesses relative means you will always get updated news on what matters. You can then post about this and engage in conversation around this topic, it will help you stay on top of trends.

5. Join groups

You can join a range of different groups to stay up to date with conversation. Within these groups you can then message people even if you aren’t connected. This Is a great way of finding more connections.

These tips are only the beginning of getting to grips with LinkedIn for business. The platform is extraordinary for helping businesses grow and expanding contacts.

If you are looking for a little more help to set up professional business pages for all different types of social media then check out our how to blog page.