Facebook is a great platform for both personal and business use. But people don’t realise the simple mistakes they’re making which could be stopping them from excelling and getting the best usage out of this social media app.

1. Not posting enough/too much

If you are not posting enough content on Facebook, it could mean that people just are not seeing your posts which means they aren’t then seeing your page and engaging with you, following you and liking your page.

If you are posting too much, people may think that you are cluttering their timeline with your posts and this could cause them to un-follow you or unlike your page.

Choose a selection of posts to put up each day and choose a good time in the evening when people are most active to engage with your audience.

2. Not interacting with groups

There now is a huge range of groups on Facebook, this is essentially a group of people who all like the same things. Group examples would be; ‘Local businesses in Liverpool’ or ‘Buy and sell within Bedfordshire’. Utilising these groups can bring you a lot more engagement, choose a range of groups which are relevant to you and get interacting!

3. Messaging someone because they’ve liked your post

Engaging with people is so important, but you do not want to force engagement with people! Just because someone has liked your photo or post, does not mean that you should then quickly private message them your deals, website or number. People will find this annoying, try creating conversation or invite them to like your page.

Social Media can be hard to navigate at times, especially as it becomes a more popular channel for communication for brands all over the world. Using these 3 tips should help you work your way through Facebook in a much greater way!

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