What comes to mind when you hear the word detox? Lemon water? Meditation? Herbal tea?

How about your digital life? Having a digital clear out can actually improve your mindset and productivity, as well as helping you to stay compliant with regulations such as GDPR.


Even digital clutter can make you feel claustrophobic

Having a desktop that is littered with icons, disorganised files and folders and a full inbox can make you feel like you’re being drowned in work. By revisiting, deleting and organising these items, you will be left feeling a lot less overwhelmed!

Detoxing will reduce stress

Having a cluttered digital life is stressful. Looking through your computer downloads, documents, pictures and recycling bin for that one Excel spreadsheet that you forgot to give a proper, useful title to.  Scrolling through your “Important” inbox folder- because if that email you want isn’t in your Inbox then surely it must be in there! Trying to search for all the individual files  you have in relation to a client because they want to know what personal information you have about them; you can’t miss anything due to GDPR! De-clutter and sort out you digital life and you will save time and reduce stress!

Detoxing will give you a boost

If you have been away on holiday, having a clear out can be a great first step to getting back into a work mindset. The first few hours back in the office are the hardest to focus your mind, and so deleting emails and old files is a good starting place.


So, hopefully we’ve inspired you to give your digital life a detox! Visit The Outsourcing Way for more business hints and tips!