Twitter is a great place to engage and create conversation. Whether that be with your customers, target audience, other brands or just friends and family. But you want to ensure that when you are posting on Twitter that the posts are reaching a wide range of people, this will help to get a good amount of replies to create more conversation. The more conversation that is made, the more promotion your page will get. This in turn should increase your followers.

So, let’s get into our top tips for increasing your Twitter followers…

1. Hashtags

Use hashtags to get involved in current conversation or use them to create new conversation. Hash tagging is a great way to reach a wider audience, especially if you’re picking a current topic as people will be searching for this.

2. Frequent Tweeting

Ensure that you are tweeting enough but not too much! Make sure through out the day you are posting some good, engaging tweets and then in the evening, which Is usually the most popular time for tweeting, engage in conversation with people on current topics. If you are not optimising these popular times your tweets may be less likely to be seen.

3. Visual Tweets

Involving visuals in your tweets can help with engagement. There is so many visual options out there including photos, videos, memes, gifs. Also, you can make some great images on Canva! Add in some of these each day.

4. Engagement

When people have replied to your tweets, make sure you are replying back to them! Engage with them, create further conversation. If they have questions, message them through their private messages and send them on to your website or further information. Make sure that you’re retweeting a range of different tweets as well as replying, you want your page to be full of engagement.

5. Follow the correct people for your page

It is so important to follow people who are relative to your page! If you are just following any random people or the suggested celebrities which come up, you will be missing out on crucial conversation and engagement. You do not want to miss out on topics because you’re only following Beyoncé and Kanye West.

Get using some of these top tips within your social media routine this week and watch your followers increase!

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