As we all know, elephants never forget. Unfortunately mankind doesn’t possess that ability…

We attempt to aid our memory by trying our hardest to be organised, make notes and keep records. Despite this, even the best of us have the tendency to forget things from time to time. As careful as we are to mark meetings in our diaries and stick post-it notes around our computer screen to remind us of important or urgent actions, the busier we are the more likely we are to miss things.

Posting your nephews birthday card a day late or forgetting to pack your kid’s PE kit is not too detrimental; however, missing that Skype call with a client or not paying your car tax on time can have bigger consequences. So, here are a couple of ways to make sure you keep on top of the many things you have to remember:

Put all your thoughts in one place

You may feel organised, but having post-it notes, to-do lists and reminders scattered around your office and on your computer will only lead to things disappearing off of your radar. Instead, keep all your short and long term goals and actions in one place using an app, such as Trello. You can create boards, lists and cards that can be shared with others and allow you to prioritise your workload.

Get things done early

Many marketing apps allow you to schedule in advance. You can schedule e-newsletters on Mailchimp to go out at any time in the future and can schedule social media posts for the next 30 posts in Hootsuite. Getting these actions completed early will free your mind to think about the rest of your to-do list.

Allow someone to help you to remember

Our successful businesses can generate a longer to do list, more meetings and more overwhelm than we can handle. By delegating some of your workload to another person, you allow yourself to concentrate on the more important aspects of your business, such as calling client leads. Some such people may include virtual assistants, web designers, cleaners, gardeners, marketers, etc.


We can’t promise that if you follow these tips you’ll never forget anything ever again, however they hopefully will help you to channel your inner elephant!