Here’s some of our top tips for writing a blog post. Yes, this is a blog about writing a blog. But we understand that sometimes people can struggle with writing their first blog post and need a few tips to get going.

Identify your audience

Any good blog will know their audience, and that is the first thing you should ensure that you are aware of. Who are they? What age are they? What are their hobbies, likes and hates? Knowing this will ensure that your blog will get read by your audience and not just pushed aside with the huge sea of other blogs that are around today.

Start with the headline

Your headline should be eye catching, engaging and compelling! After all this is going to be the first thing they read and should pull any reader in to carry on reading the rest of the post. Play around with this, test it out many times before choosing you final version.

Start, Middle & End

Writing your blog like a story book, begin with the start. Within this you should identify what the blog is about and what it will follow. The starting line should always be something catchy, try a rhetorical question or set the scene with a mysterious one liner.

Then carry on to the middle, this is where majority of your information will be. Do not forget to use subheadings! These will break up your text and make it easier for the reader.

The end will sum up your post, give any information which they may need to contact you further. It is also a good idea to link back to any past blogs, if you have any, as this will keep the reader on your site!

Add a descriptive image

An image really can speak a 1000 words and for a lot of people who land your page, the image of your blogs may catch them first even over the headline! Choose the image last as then you will know what your blog really is about. We recommend using free image websites like Pexels and Unsplash, these have such a wide variety of images to use.

Blog writing isn’t everybody’s forte, but we hope that this gives anyone looking for that little boost of confidence that you can write a compelling blog when you set your mind to it. Of course, if you are looking for a little more guidance, be sure to go over to our Business Directory and have a scroll through there to see if anyone would be able to get your started! We really recommend Jennie Bayliss our Office Support Expert, she’s excellent with blog writing.