If whilst being away on holiday you decide to manage your work yourself then here are our main tips for doing so.

Tell your clients

Telling your clients well in advance will allow you to let them know that your working hours are going to differ and that you are away on holiday. This will mean that your replies and messages may take longer than usual, also meaning that some work cannot be completed at all out of the office.

Automated email response

Set up an automated email response which will automatically reply to any emails sent to you whilst being away. This will let any new clients and people that you didn’t need to privately contact know that you are away on vacation.

Business phone

Have a different phone and number for your business calls, only bring this phone with you for emergencies and use this as your security blanket. Do not bring the phone with your if it isn’t necessary! You need to give yourself a break at some point.

Allocate time within your day

Do not spend your whole holiday doing work, answering your phone and replying to emails. After all this is a holiday and you do need to take a break even if you are trying to maintain the work yourself. Allocate a time within your day, we recommend an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening to check over everything and leave it within the day.

If reading these tips, you have concluded that you in fact will not be able to take on the task of running your business whilst being away on holiday, then that is absolutely ok. Check out our Office Support Expert, Jennie Bayliss. She is a virtual assistant and will be able to look after your business whilst you’re away. Or you might be interested in checking out a previous blog: How to pass on your to-do list to a VA when you’re on holiday

But, if not we wish you all the best with our top tips and a fantastic holiday away!