Does your business plan or host events? Do you want to increase the crucial attention your business is getting? Social media can really help your brand, and this is what we will be discussing in this article.

Event businesses have a lot to offer when it comes to visual content, such as photography and videos of happy moments that are full of fun & decorations. Social media audiences will certainly love to see these moments, share them and engage with your business.

Social media is one of the best methods to promote your businesses in no time, and event marketing on social media platforms is a strategy that many event businesses have been using to get recognised in the profession.

If you’re targeting more clients for your event business online, then we’ve gathered up some great social media strategies for event businesses to your advantage.

Let’s get started.

1. Create Facebook Events

Facebook events is a feature designed to help people hosting events in reaching out to interested people, leaving them with an option to make a declaration on whether they’ll be attending the event or not.

You can also boost up your campaign by encouraging your audiences to refer their friends in return for a percentage cut on the price of your tickets, for as long as they showed up with their partners or friends.

You can also offer a different bonus to your referrals other than that of tickets, such as free orders or upgrades on their reservations, like VIP seats.

There are several other things to do, for you to boost up your Facebook’s event outreach, and strategically implementing them is very key to landing yourself new clients.

2. Highlight Your Guests of Honours

Guests of honour are among the tools that event businesses use to win out the interest of more people to show up at their events, and hosting some prominent personalities or influencers as your guests of honour will make your event an authoritative one in the eyes of your clients.

Letting your audiences know of the honourable guests that will be attending the event by posting about that on your social media handle sounds great, because it’ll make your audiences to know the talents your hosting is going to entail.

You can also include their photographs and social media handles on your posts, to spice up your publication, while also highlighting the roles by which your guests of honours will be playing at the event.

3. Share Awesome Content (works best with FOMOs i.e people with “Fear of Missing Out”)

Post awesome content ahead of your event in forms of texts, videos or photos. You can also channel your posts to either serve as statements or questions that could engage and drive the public’s interests all along.

The contents you share may vary across the different social media platforms you use, so tailoring your content to best suit your followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, among others separately, could give you an edge to securing more clients when the time comes.

Give your audiences a reason to show up, and another reason for them to never miss out on the event.

However, there’s a need for you to never go overly promotional on your social media handle, as striking a balance between your promotional posts and the content you write to boost up your engagement with that of your followers is key to maintaining a good rapport with your social media followers.

You can share some great event planning and decoration tips, or ideas for hosting some awesome party events to your social media followers. Moreover, sharing some of your experiences at the previous events you’ve executed can also boost up the interests of potential attendees.

Use your other times to post engaging posts, some of which may likely derail from your profession, but for the sake of engagement. These posts includes fun games, local news updates, entertainment gist and much more.

4. Share Reviews and Testimonials from Previous Clients

People will always love to hear what your previous clients are saying about you, so asking reviews from satisfied clients can go a long way for you.

Let the testimonials keep flowing, and use them as tools during your next social media event marketing.

You can blend-in testimonies received into fresh posts, to let your audiences know what others are saying about your services.

Feedback (positive or negative) is good, because it’ll help you towards addressing setbacks or making an improvement to your event business service delivery, but never publicise the negative ones.

5. #Hashtag Your Events

Hashtags are very important, and creating one or two for your event could make it go viral, and might end your event up with additional attendees in the end.

While coming up with hashtags for an occasion, there are few things to keep in mind for getting the most out of hashtags on your social media campaigns.

– Firstly, when coming up with a hashtag, make it very brief, straightforward and easy to remember, because no one’s going to search for a long tail of hashtag like “#Thepoolpartyofourtimeishere” since it’s too long.

– Secondly, choose a relevant hashtag. It wouldn’t make sense of you’ll be holding a seminar occasion on “how to sell your stuff online” and then end up with a hashtag that deals with politics. You don’t have to brainstorm in order to come up with relevant hashtag, just keep it within your industrial line.

– Thirdly, make it a fun, and it is okay if you can cut up your long-tail event into an acronym like turning; “Mr Great Digital Marketing Webinar in 2019” into a simpler tag like “#MrGreat2019”.

The moment you choose a hashtag, you can spread it across your social media handles by sharing through your posts, advertising contents, press releases, and other channels.

It is important to note that; when hashtags are not in use, then they give you no value, so keep it trending.

Final Thoughts

For event businesses, there is more to social media than meets the eye, therefore, we’ve realised that the social media is one of the best things that has ever happened to The Event Industry .

The strategies outlined above are workable solutions to businesses that are struggling to stand out from the competitions in The Event Industry.

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