Recently, I set off on a trip of a lifetime. After 20+ hour of travelling, finally landing in Tokyo with a car waiting for us at the airport was such a relief.

Consider a Wi-Fi package and an airport driver

After much in-depth research, we decided to purchase a Wi-Fi package. This was to be picked up from the airport, the airport which was enormous and all in Japanese. The language barrier anywhere is always going to arise at some point, but Japanese is a language I had never been surrounded by. Our driver kindly helped us translate the map into English and find the counter for us to pick the package up. Without this, I truly believe we would have spent much longer than 20 minutes in arrivals.

The driver then knew how to navigate himself into the centre of Japan and find our hotel which really took that stress away. He could then translate to us how to get into the hotel and check-in. I could never have imagined having to book a hotel when we arrived in Japan, so pre-booking this helped us in advance massively.

Creating a timetable for your travels

Without having created an in-depth, well-researched timetable for activities, restaurants and places to visit each day we would have really struggled to get to grips with such a different culture. I would highly recommend doing this before arriving in Japan, use a website like Trip Advisor to find places and consider the reviews!

Helpful apps

Another helpful tip would be downloading Metro apps like; MAPS.ME – offline map and navigation and Tokyo Subway Navigation. These were recommended to me before arriving in Japan and without them, we would have struggled so much more, make sure you take a look at the exits on your arrival stop! There are multiple different ones which a far from walking distance from each other when you exit the metro!

Travelling and staying in a completely foreign country can be so daunting yet massively exciting! If you feel that you need someone which will help you plan such a trip, then don’t hesitate to contact our Travel Resident Expert – Lisa McCallum through The Outsourcing Way website as we know that there can be so many things to consider and you don’t want to miss any of them out. Happy holidays!