Going on holiday can sometimes mean you choose to hand your work over to a VA. This is good to relax and take time away from your work!

Firstly, start by telling your clients you are passing work over to a VA. This could mean that your clients may need to consider a longer turn around period on work, or they may decide that they would rather you personally complete the work when you’re back from your vacation. Do this within a few weeks notice to ensure that every client is informed correctly.

To complete new work or just outstanding work?

Then you must decide whether you want the VA to monitor work/emails/phone which could mean they can take on new and outstanding work with contact to all of your clients to communicate with them. Or they will only be completing outstanding work, this will usually mean they have no contact with your clients they will just complete the list you have given them.

Give your VA access

For your VA to be able to monitor your emails, website and social media you will need to pass over access to these platforms. This can really put your mind at rest when you’re on your vacation as you personally don’t need to check anything. It is your choice how you hand over access, some platforms may allow you to give them a login or you may have to pass over a selection of passwords.

Choose your replies

Letting your VA know what sort of replies you would like to give to emails, messages and comments will ensure that your work is kept as personalised and normal to what it usually is, this will give the least disruption possible. Giving your VA a selection of email templates may be a good idea in this case.

Are you going to be contactable

Finally, you need to decide whether you are going to be contactable while you’re away from work? This will be down to your own personal decision if you are wishing to take a complete break away from work then allowing your VA to only contact you if there is an emergency is a good idea. If not, allowing an hour a day on your emails may be necessary.

If you are soon to be vacating or know in the future you may need some help from a VA then take a look at our Office Support Resident, Jennie Bayliss through The Outsourcing Way website. We hope that these tips give you a as smooth as possible hand over so that you enjoy your holiday to the maximum! After all, taking a break is hugely important to success!