Hootsuite is a great scheduling system which allows you to put all your pre-created social media posts in one place. These posts will then be automatically posted onto your social media accounts on the scheduled day, saving you enormous amounts of time in the future. This also can help you in your day to day life when you’re busy and do not have time to be posting on your social media, Hootsuite will take this pressure off you!

Lets start with the basics…

1. Create an account

Firstly, you need to sign up for Hootsuite. You will be able to do this through a number of ways.
Through Facebook and Twitter or sign up with your email. We recommend just signing up with your email and adding your social media accounts later.

Secondly, you will need to pick a plan which bests suits you or your business.

Then thirdly, add your information to make your site personalised.

2. Adding your social media accounts

Once you have followed the prompts on how to initially work Hootsuite which will happen as soon as you have created your account. We recommend following these steps to get a good idea of how to work things.

Then, by selecting ‘Streams’ from the launch menu you can click on the ‘Add Social Network’ button and select which social media platforms you would like to add. You will then authorise the accounts when connecting them to the dashboard.

3. Setting up tabs and streams

By doing this it will help you monitor conversation around all of your social media networks. You will then also be able to engage with them by keeping up to date.

To do this you must go to ‘Streams’ from the launch menu, add a tab and give it a name. Once you’ve added all of the tabs you need, within them click ‘Add Stream’.

Add the social media network from the list you want and then select ta profile from the drop-down list. Then, click the streams you would like to add to that profile.

Getting down to the important stuff…

4. Setting up posts

Being able to schedule your posts is the main and best feature of this platform.

To this, firstly go to the’ New Post’ button this will be a green button.

Then you must select which social networks you would like to post it from. You can post it onto more than one at the same time, or you can go back and do them separately.
Enter your text into the text box which you would like to have as the caption! (Remember that Twitter can only have 280 characters)

Then either drag and drop an image or select a file to upload from your computer. You can then select a location for your post.

To finish off, make sure you check the preview of the post and then either schedule for later or post now. Then you’re good to go!

We hope that this blog helps you to get started with using Hootsuite, make sure you download the app onto your phone as well as using the computer format to keep on top of it on the go! You can even turn on then notifications to see comments, posts and engagements.

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