Canva is a website which is used to design images. We use this platform frequently and would recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to edit their images and add something a little extra to their posts. It is really easy to get the hang of and pretty self-explanatory. This blog will outline the main benefits of using this website!

1. Free

Ultimately the best feature of this website Is that it’s free! Anyone can make an account and get creative! Obviously, with every website which offers a free option, you can pay for an upgrade to get more improved and a wider variety of features.

2. Image Selection

Within this website, when creating your posts, you can access some images which are free! This means you do not even have to leave the website to load a separate website to load images, which is a huge time saver!

3. Editing Options

Once you’ve chosen your image you can add text on top of it! This is especially useful when creating an image for a Social Media post as you can sum up your text onto the photo by adding a quote. You can edit the colour and font as well as adding other images on top. This is good when you want to add your logo!

4. Templates

The variety of templates mean you can select the correct size straight away for example, for an Instagram post, Facebook post, poster or Facebook cover. This is a great feature and will save you so much time cropping your image to make sure you don’t lose anything important.

We hope this blog has given you a little inspiration to create some eye-catching photos to support your Social Media and future newsletters and posters! If you are tight for time and want to outsource someone to do these images for your, check out our Directory and Resident Experts to see how they can help you today!