When writing blogs, creating and brainstorming social media posts and writing newsletters you need eye-catching images which will support these pieces of work. These images can sometimes come as quite a big cost to a business, especially if you need to buy every single one from the internet to use them. But now there were so many good free image websites out there for you to get your hands on so do not miss out of them!

Our 2 favourite free image websites are Unsplash and Pexels. We frequently use these websites across all of our platforms as they provide a wide variety of high-resolution images. Even though both of these websites are equally as fantastic, we will use this blog to compare some differences which you may find helpful when picking between the websites when you are creating your social media posts!

1. Download image file size

Pexels offers a download image file size option. This is good as some websites may not support a large file size and it may need to be smaller to be uploaded. Whereas when you download your image from Unspalsh it downloads straight away as the suggested file size from your website.

2. Variety of images

From our experience, we have found that Unsplash has a bigger number of images with more variety.

3. Ease of use

Both websites are equally as easy to use, with both having a search bar. The one difference is Unsplash will bring up related images to your search straight away but Pexels you have to scroll down for.

We would equally recommend both websites to other businesses but if you are looking for longevity of use then Unsplash overall provides more images in total so you would be able to use more variety.

If you are looking for a more personalised picture search or the collaboration of images photographed specifically for you then use our directory to find businesses which could help you today!