Pinterest has become a leading website and app for digital inspiration. The application is full of images, gifs and videos covering a range of different topics and areas. Using their board feature means you can save a range of images to an area then go back to it for inspiration, you can also keep on adding to this board as you find more images.

Creating and using Pinterest

Once you have created an account, Pinterest will automatically ask you some of your interests to gauge what type of images you would like to come up on your home feed. Once you have chosen it will bring up a huge number of images to scroll through.

When you have found an image which interests you, click onto the image and it brings up the image on a larger scale along with the original poster, comments and the caption.

To save this image to a board, click In the right-hand corner onto the save to boards icon (or if you already have a range of pre-saved boards click on that). This will bring up a drop-down box where you will find any pre-created boards. To create a new board, this will be available as an icon at the bottom of the list.

You will then be able to name this board and add optional collaborations. This is where you will add another person to your board, and they will be able to edit it too.

Finding other images

If you do not want to browse your home page you can simply type in whatever you are looking for into the search bar and it will bring up specific.

The more you add to your board the fuller of inspiration it will be. These boards are particularly useful when creating a new project; whether that be a new report and you are researching layout options, refurbishing a space in your home or you’re looking for a new office interior.

We hope that this blog will give you the information to create some new and engaging boards, or just add to your pre-created ones! We love Pinterest here and love to inspire others to use it!

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