Booking a summer holiday can be pretty time-consuming. Especially when there is such a wide variety of destinations, travel options, hotels and dates to go on through the holidays. We want to help make your planning a little easier with some top tips to spend less time on the search and booking process.

Destination Searching

A simple search into Google’s top destinations for 2019 will bring up some great options. These will be both long and short haul flights, so if you’re looking for a short haul you’ve already knocked off half the list making it easier to pick through some popular destinations. Pick one, give it a good search and see what recommendations come up.

Flight searching

When looking for flights to get to your chosen destination, choosing a flight comparison site can make it easier to compare prices and times on different days depending on which airline you choose. Flight comparison sights include Momondo and Kayak. We recommend Sky Scanner, it’s easy to use and self-explanatory.

Hotel Searching

Whether you’re looking to book your flights and hotel separate by using the flight comparison sights above or looking to book them both together, a range of different websites including and Expedia can be used to browse different hotels in your destination area. If you’re looking for a lower priced option, Air BnB is great and well worth the look through. A well-labelled map with different priced, available rooms, guest houses and entire flats are positioned on it.

Beyond the booking process

When planning a holiday, you may be looking for a selection of things beyond the flight and hotel. Activities can be booked through Air BnB and Red-Letter Days as well as when looking at food and drink in the area we highly recommend using Trip Advisor to see an in-depth selection of reviews and ratings.

If time is becoming something you rather precious to you, outsource the holiday booking process to someone else. Use our website to find our resident experts and our directory to help you select and use an outsourcing company.