Facebook Live videos are great when interacting when your followers and friends, it can help you communicate with a large number of people in a wide amount of places. These videos can you to get information and conversation from people even if they are miles away. Don’t forget this application is free to use on the app!

How to start your Facebook Live video

1. Click onto the “Live” button underneath where you can add to your status. With the new update, it should have a red camera icon next to it.

2. Ensure that you allow your camera and microphone to have access through Facebook otherwise, your Live’s will be less engaging.

3. It will then come up with a screen with the camera on you. On this screen you can select who can view your story and how many people are online at that current moment.

4. Then add a description, this can be anything you like that describes the Live video you are filming.

5. Then simply press on the large blue icon which says, “Start Live Video” and you are off!

6. Don’t forget to interact with the viewers by speaking out loud to reply to their comments and questions throughout the video.

To add something a little extra to your Facebook Live video

1. Click on the little fairy wand icon next to the blue “Start Live Video” icon. This will bring up an arrange of different filters which you can add to the video, these can be changed throughout.

2. Below this, there is a range of different icons including “Create a poll” and as you scroll across it brings up other icons. By selecting these it can make it easier and more interesting for your viewers to interact with your video.

We hope this blog gives you all the information to start your first Facebook Live video or helps you interact better through your next one!

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