Admittedly we’ve all said it at least once because well most of us rely on that morning coffee, and when we are in a rush, we will definitely choose that overpriced Starbucks coffee at St Pancras over making our own at home. Are the taste and the early morning pick-me-up worth it over the price?

So why do we all need this early morning coffee?

It is known to improve alertness and heighten energy levels which can come in handy on that early morning commute. It Is recorded that Brits drink 95 million cups coffee every single day and this comes with no surprise as a wider variety of coffee is becoming available but to our shock, there are only 64 million people living in the United Kingdom. Therefore some of you are guzzling down lots of you must coffee delights provided.

A reusable cup?

If you can’t stop yourself from purchasing your all-important coffee in the morning, which we are not blaming you for at all, picking up a reusable cup to take with you every morning could be a better option.  With this not only saving the environment, but it could also be saving your pocket too as Starbucks released a campaign which customers can save 25p each time they use their reusable cup instore.

A fancy new coffee machine?

But, for some of you who are looking to change their habits and begin to make their coffees at home, they do not have to be boring or tasteless! Try purchasing a coffee machine which you can call your pride and joy sitting proudly upon your kitchen side. Or even add in some coffee syrups to add to the all-important taste we all desire.

So, when you purchase your next coffee what is it going to be? The same old Starbucks but with a new fancy reusable cup or will it be a coffee out of your new machine?