Travelling for business doesn’t need to be complicated nor involve a long packing process to then realise you have forgotten something. Make sure you have the essential things to make your trip run smoothly from our top 5 checklist.

1. Travel Business Bag

A dedicated travel bag kept in an accessible location can make the packing process a whole lot shorter. Keeping essential items in this bag which you only use when travelling starts off our top 5 travel items.

2. Chargers

A spare laptop and phone charger along with a portable charger which can be kept in your travel business bag will ensure that you won’t forget when coming to pack as we all know not having a charging device on a long travelling journey or commute can be a huge annoyance.

3. Stationery

You will be grateful for having a pre-planned selection of stationery when you get to the all-important meeting and find you have forgotten a pen so keeping a small pencil case with pens and pencils along with a trusty notebook will come in handy.

4. Business Cards

Having them all important business cards pre-printed, organised in a small box ready to go at any point is something will help you out in many different situations. Don’t be that person who can’t hand over their information at a networking event or meeting.

Don’t forget it’s important to replenish your pack every so often by using a reliable business card printing service.

5. Travel Umbrella

No one wants to turn up to their business meeting soaking wet. Keeping a small travel umbrella in your bag to use when needed for us is essential! You don’t want to travel for hours to be met by pouring rain at the other side and no shield from the wet!

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