You are hours away from setting off to the airport for your dream holiday. You’re counting down the minutes until you step off of the air-conditioned plane and are hit by a wall of hot, humid air. You are frantically checking and re-checking your packing list, counting passports and transferring shampoo into tiny bottles.

I know the feeling; stress now so that you can relax by the pool later.

Being organised before you fly allows you to have the best holiday possible. However, don’t just include “pack sun cream” and ” remember good book” on your to-do list. Account for your business too!

You don’t want your business to suffer whilst you are away. If you go quiet for a fortnight, you may miss important emails, lose potential customers or offend current clients by ignoring them for 2 weeks. To make sure your business thrives when you are busy getting a tan, follow these 5 steps:

Tell your clients that you are away

Whatever you do, do not leave without informing your clients first. Even if you have no work scheduled to complete for them, you never know when a client will try to get in contact with you. By “ghosting” them, you could cause a sense of awkwardness, potentially leading to a loss of work and bad reviews. A quick email or phone call before you leave could save you a lot of trouble.

Put an out of office on your email

Although you have taken the time to keep your loyal clients in the loop about where you are, it is important to ensure anyone else who tries to contact you knows why you haven’t replied and when you will get back to them.

Putting an out of office on your email is easy- on Outlook for example, select File followed by Automatic Replies. You can then type the appropriate message and schedule.

Leave your computer at home

Perhaps you don’t want to remove yourself from your business during your holiday. Maybe you feel guilty for not working. Maybe you worry what will happen to your business if you don’t keep an eye on it.

Stop. Stop now.

Everyone needs a break. Even the busiest of business owners. You cannot possibly make your business the best it can be if you are feeling run down, tired and stressed! So its important that you leave your laptop at home and focus on resting and rejuvenating.

Plus there are many ways you can keep your business going when you’re away; see number 4 below!

Hire a VA to look after your business

Closing down your business for a holiday may seem necessary for you to be able to get some peace and quiet. However, this can lead to you losing sales, losing clients and gaining a lot more work to do when you get home. A great way of keeping your business running whilst you’re taking a break is to work with a virtual assistant, or VA. VAs can manage calls and emails, book appointments, post on your social media sites, handle queries, place orders, and much much more! This means that when you get home you won’t be met with a bursting inbox, hours of phone messages and grumpy clients.

Schedule in chill time

When I think of a holiday, I picture myself laying by the pool, napping and reading a book. However, more often than not, my relaxing vacation turns into an activity holiday. The mad rush of travelling, running around after the kids and doing walking tours of the local area can leave you more exhausted post-holiday than when you set off!

My advice is to book in a couple of days when you can escape to the pool side (or an equally relaxing equivalent) to make sure that you get the chill time you need.


Right so that is the end of my 5 tips to make the most out of your holiday. If you have any things you do to keep your business running whilst being able to enjoy your holiday, let me know by posting them in the comments!



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