With Instagram quickly becoming a marketing haven for businesses rather than just a photo sharing app it once used to be, widening followers can still be a tricky task even with the millions of users opening the app each day.

If you are looking for more followers, or even more engagements and views on your profile, then use our top tips below.

1. Make the hashtags creative

Ensuring that your hashtags aren’t boring but relative to your posts can be difficult but look at the photo and think of all the things you’d think from that photo. Make them funny, a little witty and specific to that post; this makes them easier to engage with. Also, make sure you include them all important hashtags for your business.

2. Cross promote hashtags

When you’ve created a main hashtag, don’t just use this on Instagram. Try using this in your overall marketing across all platforms including offline marketing. This will then lead them to your page more times than just people on Instagram.

3. Participate in conversation

Using topic relevant hashtags on your post will help you to engage with conversation happening online and make it easier for people to get to your post to start conversation. Popular hashtags include: #tbt #photooftheday

4. Utilise your bio

Your bio is ultimately the first thing any person will see when viewing your profile, so why have something boring? You don’t have to have just your website link. Change it up every week with a quote or a link to something interesting on your website like a podcast, or a video. Make sure your bio is always your newest content, so you are staying relevant.

5. Make them captions descriptive

Over time, your caption writing will improve, even if right now it seems daunting it will come with practice, and eventually you will feel more confident to write free-flowing captions. Make sure your captions really describe your photo and what information you’re trying to get across whilst using engaging and captivating language to draw the viewer in. Sometimes the simple trick of using thesaurus to use more interesting words can elevate your caption even more.

6. Approve photo tags

You want to have as much control over your profile as you can, so approving photo tags which other people put up before posting them is crucial. You can do this by going to: “Options”, “Photos of you” and “Add manually”.


We hope that these tips will kick-start your all new outlook of gaining Instagram followers, from something which is a long difficult process to something which is inspiring and easier than you once thought.

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