There is a temptation in this internet era to do things for ourselves. Why pay when you can Google what to do!! However, when it comes to employing staff, right from the interview stage this is not the way to do things.

HR is now a complex web of employment law and if you are not compliant you could find yourself with a heavy fine or even in court! There are also a lot of myths and misinformation surrounding employment law which many employers have fallen foul of and ended up with paying dearly.

Is using an HR consultant expensive?

Most HR consultants’ fees are reasonable, many provide one-off consultancy reviews and some offer retained packages if you regularly recruit staff. With GDPR now in force being vigilant about HR is even more vital. The cost of outsourcing, even for a company with 50+ employees will be cheaper than employing someone in your company. It is cheaper than paying fines when you unwittingly do things that are incorrect and against the law! Find someone who is qualified in HR, a member of the CIPD which is a well-regarded qualification professional body and has had a lot of experience. Also, ensure they keep themselves up to date as employment law is changing all the time and they must know the current laws to ensure your company is compliant.

What can an HR consultant help you with?

HR Review – Complete review of the organisation’s HR function as to what is in place currently

Contracts of Employment – These are essential for all employees. They can also review your contract types and requirements, implement new contract types as required, including GDPR requirements

Employee Handbook – review of existing and/or implement new including GDPR compliance

Employee files – review employee files and implement structure, format, best practice and checklist

Job Descriptions – review existing job descriptions, update as required or implement new

HR Forms – review and/or supply of HR standard letters, HR forms, etc

Performance Management – reviewing existing performance management processes. Supporting and guiding the implementation of new processes as required. Supporting managers to deliver performance management. Supporting the management of poor performance and conduct issues.

Absence Management – reviewing existing absence management processes. Supporting and guiding the implementation of new processes as required. Supporting the management of absenteeism/absence issues.

Grievance and Disciplinary – reviewing the existing grievance and disciplinary processes. Supporting and guiding the implementation of new processes as required. Supporting managers and employees through the processes, ensuring processes are implemented fairly, consistently and transparently. Attending hearings, note taking, supporting the right decision making, suspension of employees if appropriate; dismissal of employees where necessary and handling appeals.

Flexible Working and Family Friendly policies – reviewing existing flexible working and family friendly policies. Supporting and guiding the implementation of new processes as required.

Recruitment Campaigns – Advice on ensuring your job adverts comply with legislation. Guidance on making sure your short-listing is fair and transparent. Best practice on interview skills and documentation. Supporting selection and assessment centres and profiling.

Training your line managers in the delivery of best practice HR policies and procedures.

Redundancy and Restructure – managing and guiding you through the process of redundancy in line with legal requirements. Supporting and management your restructure programme and communication plan. Attending consultation meetings as necessary.

Day to day administration and line manager duties which remain within your organisation – e.g. receiving and recording of absences, data gathering, etc

Employee Retention – through learning and development, mentoring and talent management

Employee Engagement – through examining and improving the nature of the relationship between your organisation and your employees.

What you can save

If you were to hire an HR Assistant who would typically carry out this type of work, their annual salary is likely to be in the region of £30,000.

If your company has 50+ employees, you’re probably thinking about hiring an HR Partner or Manager to take care of your strategic HR needs costing around £60,000. But you can easily outsource this to an HR consultancy saving you a fortune.

By outsourcing your HR you could save thousands on employing someone to do it or save thousands as a sole trader or small business as you are ensuring you have the right support and information to employ people in line with the law! Either way, you win.

Protect your reputation

The overall goal is to have employees enthusiastic about their work, aligned with your organisation and its values and taking positive action to further your organisation’s reputation and interests.

Article authored by Bina Briggs, HR & Employment Law Expert at The Outsourcing Way