When I booked my children on their first holiday abroad, I was so excited by the thought of creating forever family memories but the thought of the flight petrified me!  How was we supposed to entertain two young children for hours without either of them having a meltdown on the plane?!

Whilst travelling long distances with young children can seem scary, we’re fortunate to live in a world full of innovation and technology that provides a variety of games and activities to keep children entertained for hours on end.

Here’s some of the best ways to keep kids entertained on long journeys:

Make sure iPads and Tablets are charged before departure. I’ve recently discovered a fab portable charger so I needn’t now fret when the iPads / my phone start to run low- a great back up

Download Game Apps

Download movies

Pack child-friendly headphones in to your hand luggage. These can also be used to drown out the engine noise which our 3-year-old isn’t overly keen on and not only do they help drown out engine noise but fellow passengers haven’t got to listen to repeated episodes of Thomas the Tank engine or noisy computer games!

Take some chewy sweets with you for take-off and landing. This is my children’s favourite part of flying as I am usually very strict with sweets but I opt for a low-sugar sweet to avoid any sugar highs.  My children have nicknamed me ‘The Sugar Police’ because sweets are not allowed – ever!

Drink plenty of fluids

Usbourne Sticker books are recommended by my boys! The stickers are quite calming and holiday themed which is handy when explaining to the children about the adventure you’re about to go on

When I flew with my youngest son a couple of years ago when he was one, I found giving him a bottle of milk for the flight at both take-off and landing really helped. The sucking motion can help to stop ears from popping and alleviate excess pressure build-up. A word of warning, you can carry baby milk through security but you may be asked to taste it. I made sure I had some spare sterilised bottles in my hand luggage to then pour the opened cartons of milk into. If breast feeding, this would still work, as would a dummy if your baby took one – the key is to get them to suck!

Take some snacks on-board with you

Buy a bundle of toys from a One-Pound shop, wrap them in colourful wrapping paper and hand one over to your child every 30-60 minutes. Works like a charm!

Search the internet for downloadable games such as Road Trip Bingo and Road Trip Word-search.

Do you have any suggestions on how to entertain children on a long journey Please comment and share your ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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