The use of social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), blogs, forums, etc are now becoming our way of life. This makes social media marketing a go-to area for every business that aspires to reach out to a more targeted range of customers.

Social media is often consulted by travellers, immensely influencing their travel decisions. A study by travel media group revealed that 87% of travellers that age under 34 years usually visit social media for travel ideas.

This is why, regardless of your business type within the tourism industry, posting about it on social media can help your business, especially now that the tourism industry is dwindling.

As a social media advertising company in London, we have decided to give you a distinctive view that’ll steer you through the perfect social media strategies for the tourism sector.



It’s natural that humans love, and will always love, to come across discounted offers. Exploit this certain human vulnerability by posting your promotional offers on your social media handle.

We believe that knowing your stuff here includes creating an appealing content for your promotions such as engaging posts with outstanding graphics that are great in earning you great deal of recognition from your prospects.

Special offers can strategically be implemented during the periods of anniversaries or other busy events.

You can also checkout or liaise with your respective tourist boards, to see if they can be of help to post your offers on their social media handles and websites, although this may come with some financial settlements, but it’s still a great social media strategy at the end.


You are working in the tourism sector; therefore you’ll have the benefit of knowing or hearing about upcoming events that’ll be taking place in your locality. You can let your followers on social media be aware of such upcoming events, and they’ll be more eager to visit your business when they come as tourists.

When you discuss with the tourism board about upcoming events, they’ll probably give you a list of the events they’ll be organising or hosting in the future.

When you obtain the lists of events, you can make it a routine duty to remind or tell people that there’s going to be a certain event within a specific time. You should also follow your local tourism board’s posts on social media to get an edge of awareness whenever there’s an event coming up.

You can also host some events yourself and send invitations to your audiences. Use specific hashtags and tag your respective board of tourism, among other relevant pages or groups.

Doing the above will make you earn an eagle eye, for the benefit of your followers or prospects.


Even if you aren’t perfect at implementing social media strategies, organising some contests or competitions shouldn’t be an issue.

Competitions that come with certain prizes usually attract both the existing and new followers to your social media page, and you can just implement that to make additional tourists come to you.

A high degree of success has been recorded by businesses that promote their contents via Facebook Ads than with many other social media platforms, so this is why I believe publicising your contests that come with giveaways (or not) to tourists on Facebook will be the best choice with best results.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to encourage or mandate your audiences to like your page before participating in your contest.


We believe that asking people some questions, thereby encouraging answers from them, is particularly helpful in creating a long-term engagement and connections with your followers online.

The types of questions you ask your audiences online can be based upon your customers experience, which will outrightly help to improve your business, or some off-topic questions that will be amusing and educating at the same time.

The purpose of asking questions here is primarily based on consistency, engagement, as well as to generate adequate feedback that will pave the way for you to become more accommodating to tourists.


Influencer marketing is taking on a new dimension from the daily recognition it’s gaining from tons of digital marketers. As a social media advertising company in London, we’ve realised the potential that influencers have in the social media marketing sphere, and are definitely hotcakes in the tourism sector.

Highly paid influencers can be costly, so you need to weigh up the size of your pocket with that of the value you are expecting.

Micro-influencers may come in handy, especially when they have the right type of followers you need. They are more affordable, but you should not consider someone with less than 5,000 followers, except in exceptional situations.


We always discourage every bit of inactivity that may occur as a result of inadequate placement of contents for your social media pages.

You can just imagine how disappointed your loyal followers will feel when they come across your page, but only to see your most recent post was from weeks ago.

Try to post new or updated content regularly, however the posts should not be just for the sake of keeping the page active but also to further your engagement through added value.


Now that you’re done learning about our social media strategies for the tourism sector, we would like to give the final solution to your social media management problems; this is nothing more than the services we offer as a social media management company in London.

We will give you the edge to securing your desired audiences, engagement and value for whatever amount of time, effort or money you are spending. We cater for all you need to connect your business directly to your followers. We are looking forward to generating your dream leads; you just have to wait for them to come to you.

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