You. Yes you.

It is time to take a look at your business, be honest with yourself, and find out whether your business is progressing or stagnating.

Recognising stagnation

In the same way that stagnant water is dangerous, a stagnant business can be harmful.

If you are putting hours of effort into growing your profits, team or client base; seeing no change from month to month is very worrying. Do you wish that your business was progressing faster?

If the answer is yes, then it is time to try some new things to spice up your work life and get the business ball rolling.

  1. Focus on improving your SEO. SEO is vital in improving how your business is recognised online. You can improve it by working alongside a specialist, or even by making little changes yourself, such as ensuring your website content has good meta data. Not sure what SEO involves? Read “What is SEO?” by our resident expert, Cheryl Luzet.
  2. Make new friends. The best way to build your client list is to go networking. Not only does networking give you the chance to talk with business people who may need your services, it allows you to learn from other experienced entrepreneurs. For some more information, click here to get advice from WIBN Business Associate, Anna Botsford.
  3. Let potential clients know just how great you are. If a client is pleased with the work that you have done, make sure they write you a review or testimonial. Then put these on your website and on your social media, as it will reassure potential customers that you are the right person for them!


Recognising progress

Progress is not always important breakthroughs or giant leaps forward.

Progress can be subtle, small and simple.  It may be as easy as pushing yourself to go to that conference or publishing a new article on your website.

These baby steps will soon add up to noticeable and significant progress – you should celebrate the whole process, not just the end result.

And, of course, if your business is expanding and progressing at an impressive rate, you should celebrate that too!


So you’ve taken the time to figure out whether your business is standing still, taking baby steps or sprinting forwards like Usain Bolt. As long as you are aware of where your business is and are happy with it, that is all that matters- it all just depends on your business journey and where you are at!


If you would like to learn more about how to get your business to where you want it to be, visit The Outsourcing Way.