In 2019, people use the internet for everything. This means no matter what your business offers, your potential customers will use the internet to find it. If you want to be successful online, you need to develop an effective online marketing strategy and work hard to get the best of your business online!

Here, you will find some of the main reasons why online marketing is of the utmost importance in the modern business sphere.

  1. Reach a higher amount of potential customers
  2. Targeted marketing
  3. Personalization or segmentation
  4. Analyse results and use them
Reach a higher amount of people

The internet is a wide world in which almost everyone is present somehow. This means  an online business with a proper online marketing strategy will have a much further reach than a physical one, which means more chances to sell your products or services. How to reach them? With social media, ads, or even from a well-optimised website. Many possibilities to get well known and get new customers from places you could never reach otherwise.

Targeted marketing

It is much easier to target specific people or groups of people through online campaigns than through offline ones. Therefore, if you want to reach specific target groups, you’d better try it through online marketing. Depending on where you place your ads, you’ll be targeting a specific public. For example, when you have an ad in a sports magazine you are targeting differently than when you place your ad in a cooking magazine. Age, gender, nationality and study level are some of the main aspects of targeting.

Personalization or segmentation

We just explained that you can reach to specific target groups. Furthermore, your focus can be even more specific through online marketing, reaching individuals. Especially thanks to email marketing you can personalise all your messages to every receiver to contact. This process can be automated with platforms like MailChimp for instance as well as many others.

Analyse results and use them

One of the main advantages of your online marketing campaigns is how easy you can get analytics and results. If you carefully analyse this data, you can improve your digital marketing strategy to get the best out of your business online. This data will hold valuable insights about the behaviour, habits as well as the likes and dislikes of your target market – you can use this to better tailor your offering.

To sum up… you NEED it!

Nowadays, there is no way you can avoid doing online marketing if you want to get the best out of your business. You can find many chances online to grow and see clear returns on your efforts.


Guest article authored by Lorcan Henry, Brand Manager at rankingCoach GMBH

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