It may seem pointless for you to operate a social media account just for marketing (maybe) that particular small Bar or Pub especially when your traffic were all coming by foot.

Hey, wait a bit. The Internet world has now been intertwined with the physical world in such a way that every business has a place to fit into the very social world, especially Bars and Pubs, to operate at least a small business social media handle.

It’s no news that the bar and pub industry in the UK contributes about £23.1 billion to the economy annually ( imagine how huge !).

What baffles every digital marketing agency in London that is concerned about marketing Pubs and Bars in the UK is the fact that the industry is loosing much, on daily basis, this includes both the output and staffing as well.

A study conducted by the  Office for National Statistics (ONS), indicating the decline in the number of pubs in the UK from 52,500 by 2001 to 38,815 by 2018 (more than 25% of the UK pubs cumulatively).

What brought this decline, if I may ask?

Several reasons have been denoted which resulted into this declination, but if at all as a marketing freak I should be interviewed, my answer won’t supersede the realisation that many of our local bars and pubs don’t have even at least a small business social media handle to expand their outreach.

If you’re reading up to this junction, from the brief introduction I made, I believe you’ll be thinking why do we care to take you on a tour, discussing bars and pubs? Yes! Mr Great digital marketing agency is concerned more about digitising our local businesses to secure a small business social media handle or a larger one. Now, let’s board a ride into the main business, leaving you with the best  8 Social Media Strategies for Bars and Pubs at the end.

Best 8 Social Media Strategies For Bars And Pubs

 1. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Marketing

These platforms can generate an unimaginable amount of audiences to patronise your Bar or Pub business.

Regularly update your small business social media handle (or larger) with crafted and engaging contents that are relevant to your bar or pub business.

This way, you’re advertently breathing a new life into your business by promoting it for the sake of your online patrons.

Do anything within your means to make those audiences keep coming back to your page.

One of the way you could capture their moment is by establishing a good rapport for an online relationship with your patrons. Another way is by being active and attentive, by frequently responding to their queries either through comments or direct messages.

 2.  Paid Social  Advertising Management

This is an effective way of generating leads for your social media handles.

By paying a token as an advertising fee, you’re directly outsourcing for potential customers through your respective social media marketing companies.

While embracing this opportunity, you have to send more targeted promotions in order to convert those leads into loyal customers.

Since you run a local business, you need to opt-in for Geo-targeted Ads through your chosen advertising service.

Both Facebook and Twitter offer Geo-targeted Ads to advertisers and such type of targeting shall be the best option for you.

 3.  Social Account Setup & Design

The first impression your social media handles give to your audiences is it’s design.

A professionally looking social media page is advisable in order to witness a massive growth from your follower base.

 4.  Post The Pictures of Your Dishes

It’s surprising to know that UK bars and pubs make lots of money through the foods they sell more often than the drinks.

Therefore, you should also promote your dishes by sharing cool pictures of the most delicious foods included in your menu to your social media followers.

 5. Talk About Your New Provisions

You might be trying new drinks or delicacies in your shop, let your followers know that you’ve got a new product which is worth trying.

The more you speak about it, the more likely people are going to be interested in trying it out. You should also use pictures to spice up your posts for your immediate followers to have a feel about what you are trying to make them try.

 6. Share a Complimentary Press

The moment an influential personality, a newspaper (or other news outlets ), magazine or a website mentions something pleasant about your pub or bar, try as much as possible to make the development known to your followers by linking or sharing it through your social media handle.

This will make newcomers feel confident enough in your pub since you have been mentioned by their more trusted sources.

This is a great way to show how consistent and professional your business has been to your immediate locality.

However, you should also take time to share reviews someone has made about your brand to show your gratitude if at all they are to your own advantage.

 7. Set Up Google Alerts

Google Alerts are notifications that tells you when your business or brand name (or any of your chosen keyword term) is listed in a new web piece or content.

With Google Alerts, you have the idea of whoever speaks about your brand on the Internet.

There are other web monitoring applications that are worth trying, especially when Google Alerts is not performing to your own liking. The only point here is for you to know that you can track your online mentions using designated tools or applications online.

 8.  Hiring The Professionals

All these theories would sound challenging, daunting or  confusing to many people especially in knowing how to start marketing their pub or bar’s social media business page.

If that is your case, you have another chance. You can hire a digital marketing specialist such as a Facebook account manager or a twitter account manager to run your small business social media handle (or even a larger one). Better still, you can opt for the services of a digital marketing agency.


Mr Great business account managers have the right skill set and drive to manage your social media handles effectively. We partake the responsibility of both corporate and individual social media marketing, management and content contribution at once.

Don’t worry about the above tips, we practice what we preach, so you do not have to bear the stress the above tips will cause you as we’ve got you perfectly covered. Book a session with us through our contact address or subscribe to any of our cost-effective services pack to get your social media to handle automated.