At Thrace Enterprises Ltd, we are in the process of building out a series of free tools, applications and sometimes just helpful articles for small businesses, designed to help them grow and navigate complex areas. No adverts, no obligation, just download and use them, but do think of us for future work.

In our first blog for the Outsourcing way, we will be looking at a few of these tools and methods we have for free on our website, currently all in Excel, but as we grow we plan to deploy more varied solutions and methods to enable small business growth.

  1. Cashflow/Forecast Tool

As a small business, we often find ourselves in a position where we need to invest in a tool or software, to help automate processes and tasks that we have. One such task is a cashflow and forecast tool, but I often find this one a catch 22.

  • Can I afford the software with this functionality?
  • Well, that is what the software is designed to tell me…

So, the solution I could offer to that is to build something in Excel, cheap and quick to put together, but again that to me is the same catch 22 situation. How do you know whether you can budget for me?

Therefore, we are offering this tool for free

You can see the benefits of this tool in this video

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You can get a free copy of the tool by Clicking Here

  1. Monthly Direct Debit tool

One of the risks with businesses centres around payment dates as this can give you quite a bad reputation, I have personally cancelled an insurance policy as the company demonstrated on several occasions that the logic within their software could not handle bank holidays or weekends, I as small business and an Individual consumer budget around my income, so I don’t want the hassle of payments being taken early. This also reduces my confidence in their ability to provide good service all round.

As part of our promotions, we offer a 20% discount to customers if we can provide either a similar type of tool or a smaller version of a tool to small businesses for free, this is one such example.

You can see the benefits of this tool in this video

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You can get a free copy of the tool by Clicking Here (A macro version to export the upload is available on request)

  1. Email Assignment and Language Analyses

3 Large Companies I have worked for on projects like this, 3 companies not understanding the complexity of language automation. This is a tool I made a few years ago that I have had quite consistent use out of.

This tool is focused at Business Analysts and Software Testers, while it can be used for any Language automation project, it has come up frequently for the automatic assignment of emails based on keywords and phrases.

To give an example, you would assume that an email containing the word “Complaints” would go to the complaints team, but that is not strictly true, as an email containing the term “No Complaints” would be positive feedback. An email containing the words “Broken” or “Faulty” could imply after sales or complaints, however, what if you sell paint? Would you describe that as ‘Broken’ or ‘Faulty’?

These projects are easy to deliver as far as development effort goes, the complicated aspects come from trying to put in keyword and phrase automation, without impacting your profit, as if a sales emails end up in an inbox that only gets looked at once per day, that is a lost sale.

You can see the benefits of this tool in this video

You can get a free copy of the tool by Clicking Here

  1. Password Protection in Excel

This one isn’t so much a tool, just a set of instructions to do something that is very easy, takes 1-2 minutes, and I don’t feel comfortable charging a customer for it because it is too easy to do.

What we look at here is the age-old problem of ‘What happens when you forget those Excel ‘Protect Sheet/Workbook’ passwords?’

Well first off, these take a couple of minutes to remove and workaround, so if you have forgotten your password, see a link to our website below and we will show you how to unlock the sheet. You need no technical skills, this is not hacking, this is as designed functionality.

What we also try to explain with this method is around data protection, compliance and business protection.

So, a lot of people have a misconception that when they password protect an excel sheet, the data within is secure, you won’t breach any PECR or GDPR regs by sending this out, and you won’t expose business secrets like pricing methods. I am afraid all of that is untrue, and you can see why on this link


As we get more tool up and ready, we will continue to feed into The Outsourcing Way, until then, take it easy




Blog Post Authored By Tom Jam

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