Don’t worry, neither am I.

This blog will be a journey of the trials and tribulations of becoming a graphic designer and setting up a business when you don’t believe you have the right skills to do so.

My name is Ryan Farnham and I’m the owner of RJF Designs. I’m a self-taught designer based in Dorset and I’m writing this blog to (hopefully!) inspire those people out there who also don’t believe in themselves, to make the jump into the design industry.

I’ve always had a passion for design, well actually it started with Advertising. I’ve always been fascinated with how adverts of all media have been created to grab your attention; from a catchy slogan to an unforgettable jingle or a beautiful video sequence that you just can’t take your eyes off. The thought of working in the design industry was so appealing, I thought I had to do it. But…

There was a but, there’s always a but.

I’ve never been artistic. My drawing skills are laughable and consisted mainly of stick men. So how was I meant to hit my target of becoming a designer? Well, one thing I did know was how I wanted things to look. I knew what shapes I wanted, what colours and how I wanted it to appeal to others. I just didn’t have the skills.

So, the journey to teaching myself how to use design programmes such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop began. I had to learn the basics first and after a number of months watching multiple ‘how to…’ videos, I reached the point where I could design a simple logo. This felt like a massive achievement for someone like me and it gave me the belief that I could take this further.

Last year I started a Twitter account called Free Design For Everyone (@FD4Everyone) where I design for small businesses for free. This helps me build on what I have learnt and also get invaluable feedback from my clients. This has led to me starting my own business, RJF Designs.

My advice, for everyone who finds themselves in a similar place to me, is to start with the basics and build on what you do know and not what you don’t.