You are here because you are looking to outsource or you provide outsourced services.

There really is a freelancer for every job, someone you can buy in to fulfil a specific business need as and when you need it. I’m here to talk about buying in copywriting expertise.

Finding the right words

Some people know exactly what they want to say about their business, and they are great at it, orally. But ask them to write down what they want to say and they can’t. Most business owners know exactly what they sell and why they sell it and how it benefits customers but can’t articulate this in a written form. This is where a copywriter comes in. A good copywriter can translate those thoughts and spoken words into really good written words.

What does a copywriter do?

They write words. They write them in the right order. They write them in the language of your target market and the right tone of your voice for your brand. A good copywriter can work from bullet points, dictated notes, a phone conversation, existing material and a whole host of other source materials. They ask lots of questions and produce ads, menus, social media updates, sales emails, annual reports, brochures, web copy, press releases, instruction manuals, product descriptions and much more.

Where do you find them?

Your own in networks (in person or online), social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), search engines, recommendations, business listings etc. All the usual ways you would find a new supplier.

How do you pick one?

Have a look at their website (they should have one!). This will give you an idea of their style of writing and the style they’ve written in for clients (which should be two different things).

They should have a portfolio with some examples (though a lot of our work is ghost written and often covered by NDAs so bear this in mind). They may also have details of current or past clients and the types of sectors they specialise in. Their LinkedIn (they should have one!) will show any recommendations so you can see what other people have said about the quality of their work. As with all outsourced relationships you need to make sure you do your due diligence.

How do you brief a copywriter?

Once you’ve chosen your copywriter you need to brief them. A good brief is everything. You need to explain who your target market is, what the copy is for, what the goal is, what you want people to do on reading the copy…as well as a whole host of other stuff. A good copywriter will guide you through this and ask all the right questions before putting pen to paper.

Can you see why hiring in a copywriter might be more cost effective than doing it yourself? And how you will undoubtedly end up with all the right words in all the right order? Yes? Good.


Guest blog by Deborah Wroe, a freelance copywriter at Dead Good With Words.

I’ve been freelance since 2010 after returning to the UK from a brief stint living and working in Sydney, Australia. I launched Dead Good With Words in 2018 to focus on what I’m best at – wordy stuff. I tell stories, not tall tales, but brand stories. I tell people who you are and what you do in the right language and tone of voice.

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