Hi, I’m the Gift Goonie and I blog about gifts. Gift Giving is big business; from New years right through to Christmas, there are many occasions throughout the year when you will be racking your brain for that ideal gift.

But what makes a good present?

When I think about the best presents that I have received they are always the ones that have been a little quirky or a little out of the box. It’s not necessary to spend the Earth, with just a little thought and effort you can cater the gift to the recipient.

In my opinion, present giving is not about pricing or labels, but more about a reflection of the personality of the recipient. Sometimes people put too much pressure on themselves to make an expensive and grand gesture, when really, it’s not required.

My advice on gifting is research the person you’re giving the present to. What do they like? What do they need? Have they mentioned anything they want to do? Also think about what they dislike (somebody might dislike ironing, but might need a new iron. An iron is not a gift).

Personally, I would much rather receive something I like and that may cost hardly anything, rather than something expensive that I dislike or will never use.

When buying a gift, remember;
  • Know your recipient. Really think about the likes and dislikes of the person you’re buying the present for.
  • Set yourself a budget. Don’t buy what you can’t afford and don’t put yourself under pressure.
  • Try to be inventive. Anyone can buy a gift off a shelf, but putting in a little bit of thought and thinking outside of the box will make it a lot more special.
  • Price compare. Can you get your present cheaper elsewhere? I’ve found different websites selling the same products at different prices. Don’t automatically pay the first price.
  • Use discount codes when buying online. You can always save yourself money by using online discount codes when available. There are lots of websites that provide daily discount codes for a whole range of items and services.
  • It’s not all about the price tag. With a little knowledge and imagination you can create your own presents on a very small budget. If you want gift ideas to suit your budget and how to be creative with putting presents together, visit my blog giftgoonie.com

Hopefully you found this post useful. If you have any questions or comments, contact me via my blog.

Thank you,

The Gift Goonie.


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